Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Flu is highly contagious, and a flu patient continues to spread infection even after resolution of symptoms. Tarakids: 0121-2650865

Friday, 19 August 2011

Rima Anand

It was indeed a great pleasure to visit your site. Yours is one of the best centers in western UP for those who seek better clinics for care of newborns and infants. It contains valuable information about everything that parents should know about care of their growing child.

However I would appreciate if you could add information about parenting, especially role of mother in the development of growing children. Inclusion of baby names with meanings will add spice to your site.

I may add that I am one of your clients. Whenever I need a paediatrician's help I visit your clinic.

I am grateful for the valuable and informative mobile SMS.

Kindly inform us whenever there is a baby contest.

Ajay Singhal

congratulations! this website is another gift to all the patients and their parents by Dr Anuj Rastogi(tara child care). this will help people to LEARN about child care, sitting in their home.COMMUNICATE faster with Dr with the help of technology. outstation patients could interact with doctor with in no time by sending their reports on line. with best wishes ajay singhal