Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Post term delivery...
Today we admitted a 3 week post- term newborn. Mother was given date of delivery in first week of March, but she did not have labour pains so that family ignored the time period and delivered today in a critical state.
Nature has fixed the time period of 280 days or 9 months and 7 days from last date of menstruation.
So family should contact the doctor at right date and proceed according to Doctor's advice. This should be so, as after a certain period liquor that's the amniotic fluid starts decreasing which jeopardises the blood supply to the large baby making it prone for complications. Post-term cases are more common in the first pregnancy. 
Please do not follow what YOU feel is right, follow the Doctor...

Monday, 28 March 2016

We are in debate for many months for intolerance, but I think it is insensitivity which needs to be discussed.
People are emotional by nature but they need to be sensitive too. 
Sensitivity is not the job of Govt alone. If we all are sensitive for our work whether we are Doctors, Engineers, businessmen, lawyers or reporters.
Everyday we all do justice, we are the best judge of our work.
Please teach your children to care for others, it will cut down unnecessary arrogance in time to come...
Do not hurt anyone...!
Do not make your child insensitive...
With every passing year, we should have better control of our children. But actually we lose control as time passes by... 
Child's behaviour cannot be improved by shouting, constant nagging, through physical punishment or by unnecessary false threats ('injections', 'Police', 'locking them in' or 'sending them to a far place' etc).
As we love children, they also love us. Whenever child is not listening to you or obeying, you should show your unhappiness until child realises. Sometimes few hours or may be for days, you must maintain your stand.
Do not lose your stand at meal time...
Or may be next day...
Do not wake him up for school or pamper him until he realises his mistake...
If you want him a good human being and successful, he has to learn to care for others...

Saturday, 26 March 2016

It's your knowledge about disease which help you combating the disease not the medicine..
Sometime children who are visiting to India get ill and come to clinic for check up .. It is always pleasure to treat them and talking to their parents as they are more focussed on check up rather than Medicine..
No following of symptoms , simple assurance is suffice..
While local parents they account symptoms on minute to minute basis and make simple treatment complicated...
There is Somuch anxiety because of not learning disease pattern...
These days there are lots of inquiries for Flu Vaccine , which is unfortunately finished. It is because of unexpected Flu Epidemic ..
Flu Vaccine is available every year in month of June or July for current season...
This time we all should get it in time so no more causality ...
In Fact Vaccines are best gift of Medicine to Us..
Still people doubt on vaccine efficacy and try to avoid by saying Jo Bahut jarury h vaccine lagaa deejiye..
One vaccine after getting ready passes through three phasic trail of 5 year each before to be used in is not easy to make a vaccine.there is huge expenditure in research and making of a Safe Vaccine..
We as developing country do not have adult vaccine programme ..
People especially who are having risk factor like cardiac or liver disease or kidney disease can be easily saved from vaccine preventable disease ..
As soon as child starts sitting , life become enjoyable as we see daily new activity , new fun ...from 6 month to 3 year it is colourful and we enjoy daily new shaitaani ..
But this period has lots of bumps in form of vivid viral infection ranging 40 to 50 in numbers..
These viral infections not only limited to cough , cold but it could be vomittings , vomittings followed by Diarrhea or pain in abdomen , various rashes ( often labelled as khasra by grand Maa)
We give them name as we say Teething or thand lag gayee( even in summer also we say like this)
Dear if your doctor says it looks like Viral he means it will go soon .
There is no Magic Medicine for these viral infections but these are self limiting and will recover in5 to 7 days..
Perhaps these infection modify our immunity to make us strong for coming life...
Since the beginning of my career I was treating serious children is a big challenge to understand disease dynamics after an experience of 20 years practise and bigger challenge is to convince family for treatment..
As most people are having a very very limited budget..
Few people have life insurance means their dependent will get money after their death but there is no insurance when they fall ill..
There is wishful thinking , we don't fall ill or require treatment in hospital.
Poorer the person , there is more chance of serious illness or accidents ..when these people reach hospital their all funds get exhausted or they take personal loan...
People reaches better hospital in last and are problem for themselves and hospital too..
If people are medically insured they will reach to good hospital early means before getting terminally ill ,will not require mercy from Anybody ..
It's not bread and butter troubling common person but it is their illnesses which further disturb their planning for development..
Recurrent viral infections are common between 6 month to 4 year of age .. They are of many types like vomittings,loose motions ,fever , rash..
Even dengue fever is viral fever.Swine flu , bird flu all are viral infections.
One viral infection sometimes lower your immunity and make you vulnerable for more viral infections in next couple of months.
Parents often struggle from one doctor to another to get rid of these recurrences..
There is no research required to understand it but we should learn prevention .
मौसमो के फलों (जैसे - केला, संतरा व चीकू आदि) से बच्चे को कोई ठण्ड या बीमारियाँ नही लगती है। वरन लगातार खाने से vitamin-c मिलता है जिससे खांसी व जुकाम के episodes कम होते है।
जो फल जिस मौसम में पैदा होता है। वह उसी मौसम में फायदेमंद होता है
सर्दी व खांसी में दही और चावल खाने से बच्चे को कोई नुकसान नहीं होता है।
बच्चे को दही में जीरा डालकर दें।
कृपया इस लाईन को ज्यादा से ज्यादा share करें।
Prevention from viral infections is not straight forward . Spread of virus depends on many factors like
1. Water Sanitation 
2. Personal hygiene and hand hygiene
3. Correct nutrition 
4. Vaccination
5. Prevention from Mosquito bites
6.bottle hygiene
We should spread our knowledge on evidence rather than experience ..
These days it is not difficult to google and understand ...
Water is life for us as well as life for germs also..
Don't take water for granted as children consume more water , more food , more air compare to adults..
Don't let them eat street food..
Use boiled water as much as possible..
If you are using RO treated water , consume it before 24 hours as germ count again bound to increase .
If you are using boring water ,make sure pipe is bored as per recommendations..( as not properly bored water gives rise to many enteric infections .serious life threatening enteroviral encephalitis in young kids)
Clean your water reservoir as per recommendations.
Hand washing is an important step in disease prevention as all germs are very small and cannot be seen through naked eyes. Germs are every where like on floor, bed sheets, tables, mobile phones, door handles...they get stuck on our fingers and palms. Whenever we eat without washing our hands, germs also enter our bodies alongwith food. Life is all about habits, teach your child habit of washing his hands before eating.
Small children who are always exploring their fingers often put them into their mouth. So don't stop him but clean his hand frequently with lemon water and two to three times with baby soap.
Nails of babies grow faster , they need to be trimmed with Nail Scissors irrespective of being a Tuesday or Thursday ...
Remember hand sanitizer is not the substitute to hand washing...
Remember visibly clean hands are unsafe until washed ...
As weather is changing ,we are preparing for summer...
Now it is time for stomach flu, means if we are not careful our children will fall prey to summer infections..
Best to keep our hands clean and consume freshly prepared food.
For young kids, main reason for stomach flu is poor bottle hygiene .. 
First of all, bottles are not required after 6 months of age (few mothers start bottle feeding with an impression that their baby will not accept bottle later on).
Beyond Six months of age, use sippers...
Use good quality of Glass Bottles, if you are still bottle feeding your child...
Do steam sterilisation as boiling in hot water is not sufficient and good for bottle health...
Change bottle nipples frequently...
Use boiled water for preparing milk as milk powder is not sterilised than cool it after mixing.
Even RO water should be used after boiling for making milk..
Remember all summer infections come suddenly and take long to recover...
So prepare yourself and have a healthy, pleasant and fun-filled summer ...
Mosquito bite is another important factor in Recurrent illness in children..
Skin of children has peculiar smell , which is preferred by Mosquitoes ..
There are many dreadful brain infections , occur in children after bite as compare to adults.
Young children have poor immunity against them.
We should not be miser in covering our children as well as using children friendly mosquito repellent ..
Don't leave water in bucket or corners as these are commonest breeding area for Mosquitoes in house..
Add years to life & life to years...
1. Try to have balanced die. Learn a rotation rule of feeding. 
a. 2 glass milk + 3 serving of vegetables + 5 serving of fruits, are must to every diet style for children.
2. Improve personal hygiene. 
3. Teeth brushing before going to bed. 
4. Frequent hand washing.
5. Use wet wipes especially during flu.
6. Complete vaccination as per age. It keeps changing with time.
7. Emotions –
a. (Destructive Emotions: Fear, jealousy, anger, worry, spite and self-pity) – Get rid of them
b. (Constructive Emotions: Hope, love, joy, faith, happiness, courage and optimism) – inculcate them.
8. Be conscious for your body images.
9. 60 minutes of organized sports with coach.
10. IQ itself can improve with hard work.
11. Good student skills aren’t in your blood, they are in preparation.
12. Basic internet rules for children –
a. Never give out identifying information.
b. Never write or post anything you wouldn’t be comfortable with the whole world seeing.
c. Treat others online as you would treat them in person.
d. Never share your password.
e. Never open an email or click on anything without checking trusted adult first.
13. Children should be limited to less than two hours of entertainment-based screen time per day, and should not have TVs or internet access in their bedroom.
14. Simply having a vision does not full fill it, you must work to materialize your dream.

Be Germ Smart ...
There are germs everywhere , get stuck to our hands ..
Keep washing your hand reduce Diarrhea in children by 50 percent and cough cold by 25 percent..
Clean hands are for Dad and Mom as well ...
Chase the germ away with soap and water ..
Children are born explorers...
That's the way they learn, so it's natural to put every thing into their mouth...
This begins immediately after birth, they start sucking their fingers (it's a fun activity, not a sign for hunger )
So there is a need for frequent cleaning of hands ...
Cut lemon in to 8 pieces and keep in water. Whenever you cuddle your tiny tot, clean his hands with a piece of lemon..
As they grow, begin using soap with water (no extra advantage of antibacterial soap )
Use soap with moisturiser (as their skin dries earlier than adult skin)
That's how you can inculcate this habit of hygiene from the very beginning...
Teach your child proper hand washing, including back of Palm, spaces between fingers, as well as wrist during hand washing..
Hand sanitisers are not a substitute to hand washing...use them only when washing not feasible ...
Keep paper soap in school bag and ask children to wash their hands in school also, specially before eating ..
Start Today as it's always late Tomorrow ..
My child does not eat the way I want him to eat ...
Parents coming to a Pediatrician's clinic for any disease end up discussing appetite- related issues..
Almost all parents are worried for the appetite of their children !
So loss of appetite is the biggest disease concern...
Are all children not eating because of some disease ?
Isn't it a behavioural issue ?
More than 50 percent of Pediatrician's time goes into discussing appetite issues or searching for some magic tonic for it?
Is the answer not rooted in our behaviour ?
Adherence is the kee for good treatment ..
These days harvesting going on and children are having cough ,breathlessness,cough in mid night ..all of these symptoms suggest Seasonal Asthma..
In Fact asthma is more common in children than adults ...
Most people do not accept this as diagnosis and treat it as cough only..some says sinus or bronchitis or eaosinophilia or allergic cough ..
If cough is getting better with nebuliser , it is most likely Asthma ..
Asthma is of many kind and most children suffer only mild asthma but it is a chronic disorder ..
Most children out grow it with growth .
Uncontrolled asthma is common reason for growth failure in children.
Once acute attack is controlled , child can be maintained on inhalers ..
Hey !
This is the time for hay fever as harvesting is on full is a misnomer as hay is not a usual cause and it does not cause fever..other name is Seasonal allergic rhinitis ..
Common symptoms are sneezing,nasal congestion and eye irritation..
1/3 of these also have at least mild ,intermittent asthma..
It is genetically determined..
Generally not related with food like banana , orange or curd or ICE or cold water ...
Is pneumonia common in children?
No it is not always pneumonia but it mimics so ..
As newborn is having 30 to 50 million alveoli and has surface area of 2.8 sq met for gas exchange..
300 million alveoli by age of 8 years means 32 sq meter area for gas exchange I.e half of adult area.
So it's common to say by many doctor child will improve by 8 years himself ..
But dear parents every episode of respiratory illness bite some part of developing lung ..
It's better to maintain respiratory hygiene rather than leaving it on time ..
Don't hesitate with inhalers , trust your Doctor as he knows best about your kids..
Noisy breathing is very common in children ..
It is not the hallmark of Pneumonia as often parents perceived wet sounds on chest of child .
Young children can not clear their nose or throat as we do and often these secretions dry and plug the airways ..
Over usage of cough syrups further exaggerate plugging ..
Trust more on your doctor examination rather than symptoms in children ..
There are not many many medicines for children for these illnesses , only time helps ..
Recurrent infections in a young kid is part and parcel of his developing immune system ..
It is not uncommon to have Vomiting , loose motions and again after two weeks cough or ear infection or Diarrhea ...
Sometimes few children continue to have these infections with fever off and on for 3 to 4 months...
It does not warrant any evaluation ...
Often children are misdiagnosed as primary complex or tuberculosis..
Dear Parents wait his immunity is developing ....
Knowledge about recurrent infections is no substitute to clinical children deteriorate faster ...
Investigations or no investigations should be prerogative of a Doctor ..
In most situations unnecessary tests confuse disease plan often children with viral infections have high counts ..
But if a child has fever but without classical viral symptoms , one must rule out urinary tract infection as it has potential for recurrence...
Antibiotic if started under some doubt , it's better to complete the course as suggested by doctor..
Do trust your doctor otherwise simple problem turn in to complex one...
Diarrhea in children is very painful for Parents as well as for treating Doctor ..nothing much to be offered ,no fast curing medicine or injections...
Total course from infection to healing is 5 to 7 days .. 
Healing is basically a repair mechanism , takes its own time ...
Only therapy is ORS that prevents dehydration ..
Injections given under pressure only add agony of child and reduces pain threshold for future ...
Do not blame food for every childhood disorder. Fresh fruits,homemade dairy products like curd are never the culprit... Whenever travelling, you are off guard and eat more of street food. Please take care to consume only hot cooked food, no curd, no cold sweets, chutney or sauces...
It really makes sense to carry powder milk to avoid unnecessary infections...
"Is there some special diet, when my child is ill?"
There is no special diet as such and moreover appetite goes down to 25 percent of the normal intake...
Diet should be healthy and palatable, not the one that child doesn't like at all.
Khichdi and dalia are best diet during most childhood illnesses. However, you can give potato fries and home made ice creams to make child's diet interesting during course of his recovery.
Give plenty of water in form of ORS or soups, but no juices whether fresh, canned or in tetra packs.
Often diarrhea worsens with sugar- loaded juices or cold drinks, more so these are empty calories with no nutritive value.
Hot Sun ! Should I give water to my baby ?
For a baby less than 6 month of age Breast Milk or Formula milk is self sufficient for nutrition as well as hydration even in hot Sun. 
Babies have small stomach capacity ,no point in replacing nutrition ( milk ) from water until he starts eating solid foods.
It is hard to ignore other's advise( relatives) until you are not sure ..
Clear verdict is just not possible ...
It's very difficult for a doctor to give a clear verdict about how a disease or illness would progress in a patient. 
But we as doctors understand disease dynamics, in fact, we plan your happy recovery...
Please do not ask doctors for tests and more tests. Let him plan for you step by step...
Sometimes your previous bad experiences disturb you a lot, you must confess your fears...
It will lower your anxieties and your child would recover soon.
So once you've confirmed that your doctor is worth your faith, you must not argue with him, he knows best for your child. Or else your behaviour could hinder the thought process of a doctor who wishes to think and plan well for your child.
Fever is very common in young children and it is not an emergency.Doctor will rarely pick up any clue on day 1 of fever, so there's no need to rush or panic...
Parents should know the common drugs and measures to lower temperature and keep child comfortable ..
Yes they should know common Red Flag signs for fever, and when to rush to hospital emergency!
Doctors treat cause of fever, which certainly cannot be done over phone...
Don't depend on medicine alone for fever ..
As sometimes they help and sometimes don't ..
Sponge your child with normal water or lukewarm but not with cold water .
Sponge whole body not only forehead.
Keep your fan and windows open during sponging.
Give her a glass of water , mix with glucose slowly by spoon almost one spoon every minute.
Don't panic as your anxiety make child more anxious.
Don't rush to doctor before you normalise the temperature.
During fever it is difficult to examine the child as they are not much cooperative.
Don't force them for food as their appetite goes down ..
Pamper them with their favourite food.
This state will not last forever ...
It shall pass , it shall pass .....
Dear friends, You and your children are invaluable to me. Here come health and happiness your way...I've created a mascot for children by the name 'Jazzy Taara'. It'll be a motivational character for them to learn to eat better, play better, obey better and live a healthy life in time to come, fulfilling your wishes the way you've always dreamt of...
Parents, don't look for disease always. It is easy for us to treat diseases like tonsillitis, ear infection, typhoid or even these are defined and there are specific guidelines for their treatment...
And more so, children mostly do not have concerns like high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes ....
But a large percentage of kids suffer from loss of appetite, pain in abdomen, headache, non specific cough or pain in legs...
When we examine these children, there's rarely any disease, infact most of the times, it's their stress related to food , studies, peers or their anxiety as this is reinforced many a time by parents themselves unknowingly ..
It is very difficult to reassure parents that there is no significant illness...
Common reasons in children that mimic disease conditions:
Children may complain of pain in situations like...
•Sibling rivalry
•Change of school or home & neighbourhood
•Reopening of schools after vacations
•Examination time
•Missing a close relative, favourite maid or sometimes a pet
•Wrong impression about own body image (10 years and older children)
•Complex about skin color, complexion, features, physique, figure or height
•Bullying in school
•Possessive about seating arrangement in class
•Terror of teacher or principal
...and much more.
These are not diseases but may give distress to a child which reflects on their body...
Don't break my heart Daddy..
Recently I admitted a 3 year old girl for headache and vomitings. I was unable to find anything wrong with her. I got her CT Scan head done which was normal. I constantly kept asking for any emotional hurt to the child . Parents were not aware, and as child was becoming more listless, it was making them more upset. I kept enquiring as medicines were
not working on her. Her father tried to recall all events in the past two days and he managed to tell that she had banged her head with her cousin while playing. Then she complained to her father about the small quarrel with her cousin but he didn't listen, in fact scolded her a little. She fell asleep after crying and woke up after sometime with headache and vomitings.
I talked to her and asked her father to give her a cuddle. She improved tremendously and now could be sent home.
My message to all of you, please listen to your kids patiently as you as parents are the only ones in the world they trust. Hold them close to you, explain to them and not just shun them.
Few children are very sensitive (imagine this child is just a 3 year old). Even a little insensitivity can break their heart.
प्यारे parents हमेशा बच्चो की बीमारियों की तरफ न देखें। 
Doctors के लिए tonsillitis, कान का infection, typhoid व T. B. जैसी common बीमारियों का इलाज़ करना आसान होता है क्योंकि इन बीमारियो का इलाज़ एक specific guidelines के तहत किया जाता है। 
ज्यादातर बच्चो में high blood pressure, high cholesterol और diabetes जैसी बीमारियाँ तो होती नहीं है.... 
बच्चो में भूख न लगना, पेट में दर्द, headache, cough और पैरों में दर्द रहना ऐसी परेशानियाँ रहती है । 
जब doctors ऐसे बच्चो को examine करते है तो ऐसे बच्चो में बामुस्किल ही कोई बीमारी निकलती है जबकि ज्यादातर समय बच्चो में यह समस्या रहती है ऐसे में इलाज़ उनके मन को समझने का ही है ।
बच्चो में यह समस्या इसलिए रहती है, क्योंकि parents कई बार बच्चो को उनके खाने के लिए, पढाई के लिए, सोने व जगाने के लिए अनजाने में अतिरित्क दबाब बनाते है। जोकि उनके व्यक्तित्व व self defence को प्रभावित करता है।
इसलिए कई बार parents को यह विश्वास दिलाना मुश्किल हो जाता है कि उनके बच्चे को कोई particular बीमारी नहीं है। अपितु stress में बच्चें अपने आप को ज्यादा असहाय महसूस करते है।
बच्चे निम्न stituation में अधिक stress महसूस करते है जैसे कि बच्चे अक्सर पेट दर्द, सिर दर्द, vomiting और दस्तो की शिकायत इस में से कोई एक situation में कर सकते है...
· जैसे स्कूल या घर का बदलना
· छुट्टियों के बाद स्कूल खुलना
· Exam के समय
· किसी करीबी रिश्तेदार या अपने favourite maid या फिर अपने पालतू pet को miss करना
· अपनी body image के प्रति negative सोचना ( 10 साल के ऊपर के बच्चो के लिए)
· अपने skin colour, features और अपनी height को लेकर complex होना
· स्कूल में bullying करने पर
· स्कूल में seating अरेंजमेंट को लेकर possessive होना
· बच्चो में किसी teacher की या principal की दहशत होना इत्यादि
यह सब बाते बच्चो को distress करती है जो की आगे चलकर बच्चो की body में reflects करने लगती है।
Dear Friends
I recently saw a 4 year old child complaining of stomach pain around umbilicus, and she already had many ultrasounds done for the same. I also did not find anything significant...
I gave her parents my last three posts to read. It was to my pleasant surprise that family could identify the cause of their child's stress. There had been three factors:
1. Change of home
2. Earlier child was in a joint family, and very attached to her 'Tai jee'.
3. Change of School
So they could understand the real cause of pain (somebody had also suggested them to start TB medicine for the same)...!
Guys, please don't forget to watch new video of Jazzy Taara on Sunday Morning.
It's Medicine beyond medicines...
My idea of 'Medicine beyond Medicines' led me to create Jazzy Tara, who will help our children to imitate him for good reasons, which is difficult for parents or for doctors through treatment...
Do not forget to watch Fairy tales of 'Jazy Taara' tomorrow morning!
Hey this is Dr Anuj Rastogi. I welcome you at Taara Kids. In my 20 years of experience, I strongly feel Pediatric Care is more about modulating behaviour rather than treating with medications.
Most of the illnesses are modified with parents' behaviour and their cultural beliefs; like
vomitings triggered by viral infections self-limit within one to two days, but may last for many more days as mother keeps forcing a child to eat during illness, and confuses him regarding food ,and he continues to vomit despite the disease having resolved.
Do you know why French Men are most handsome in the world?
I feel they are nurtured differently soon after birth than other parts of the world.
Their mothers love their children not lesser than us...
Know how are they different in my next post...
Be a French Mother ...
From the time their children are born,parents provide them with a care with firm mindset. Children are not allowed, for example, to snack whenever they want. Mealtimes are at four specific times of the day. Children learn to wait patiently for meals, rather than eating snack foods whenever they feel like it. Babies, too, are expected to conform to limits set by parents and not by their crying selves. parents let their babies "cry it out" (for not more than a few minutes of course) if they are not sleeping through the night at the age of four months.
So Dear, 
First learn to say NO to you ...
TV viewing and Eating
. No exposure to TV before 2 years of age
.1 to 2 hour TV viewing after 2 year of age ( our country has no rule against ads for unhealthy food)
Children are easily influenced with these ads .
No TV watching during meal time...
How feeding changes behaviour can be seen soon after the birth...
As and when a baby cries, mother thinks baby is hungry and she feeds him/her.
Consequences he pukes more, produces more gas and always remains fussy.
Baby passes more stool resulting in more rashes over his bumps that further hurt him more.
He never learns to soothe himself and his pain threshold goes down and confuses himself between hunger and transitions into alert state. All babies do cry, they cry for hunger, they cry for wet diaper or cry for pain but most cry for no reason.
All suck their hands and fingers to busy them as they have only few expressions.
Their digestive system is already in developing state, and gets overwhelmed easily with unscheduled feeding...
Don't turn feeding into a battle ..
There is no doubt, it is first and foremost duty of a mother. But if it is done in a non- scientific way, it results in complete loss of control over your child .
Signs of loss of control ..
1. Child turns face away from food and makes irritating faces.
2. Recurrent vomitings and aversion from food. 
3. Stops feeding with mother, feeds himself in neighbourhood .
4. Some of them learn gulping down food without chewing, results in delayed speech (very common).
5. Some take only Purées or blended food.
6. Start throwing food in drain or hide some where.
7. Complains of pain in abdomen.
As a child's age advances, he starts misbehaving with mother, throws plate or demands only junk food .
It goes on and goes on ...
Why it is so ???
It is because of wrong feeding practice or no knowledge of growth pattern or poor comparison with other's children .
Now it's up to you to take the control or lose ...
जन्म से ही बच्चे के व्यवहार को किस प्रकार बदला जा सकता है....
अक्सर माताएं बच्चे को रोता देखकर बहुत ही परेशान हो जाती है, वह हमेशा सोचती है कि बच्चा भूखा है और उसे feed देती रहती है।
बच्चे का दूध गिराना, गैस बनना व हमेशा चिड़चिड़ा होना बार-बार feed देने का ही परिणाम होता है।
अधिक पेट भरा होने के कारण ही बच्चो में दस्त की शिकायत होती है जिसके कारण बच्चों के bumps पर painful rashes हो जाते है ये दर्द बच्चों के लिए इतना अधिक होता है कि वे अपनी routine activity न करके चिड़चिड़े व परेशान होकर गोद में ही रहना पसंद करते है।
बच्चों के रोने के कई कारण होते है। जैसे - भूख के कारण रोना, diaper गीले होने के कारण रोना, हाथ व पैर दबा होने के कारण रोना या बिना किसी कारण के भी रोते है, क्योकि बच्चे कुछ बोल नही सकते है।
बच्चों का अपना हाथ चूसना भूखा होना नही, बल्कि अपने आप को व्यस्त रखने का तरीका है।
मेरा सन्देश सभी माता व पिताओं को ये बताना है कि...
बच्चे को खाना खिलाना युद्ध करना नही होना चाहिए।
बच्चे को खाना खिलाना माँ के लिए सबसे पहला कर्तव्य होता है। यदि बच्चे को non-scientific way में खाना खिलाया जाता है। तो बच्चा धीरे-धीरे अनुशासनहीन, जिददी व चिड़चिड़ा स्वभाव का हो जाता है और माँ के control से बहार होने लगता है।
Signs of loss of control... 
1. बच्चा खाने को देखकर मुँह घुमाने लगता है और चिढ़ने लगता है।
2. खाने को मुँह में लेते ही उगलने (बाहर निकालने) लगता है और खाने से उसका मन हट जाता है।
3. अपने घर में खाना न खाकर पड़ोसी के घर में खाना अधिक पसंद करता है। (very common)
4. खाने को चबाने के बजाये निगलना शुरू कर देता है। जिसके कारण speech delay हो जाता है। (very common)
5. बच्चा solid food न लेकर केवल mixie grinded food ही लेना पसंद करता है।
6. खाने को फेकना व छिपाना शुरू कर देता है।
7. बच्चा अधिकतर स्कूल के समय या सारे दिन पेट दर्द होने की शिकायत करता रहता है।
उम्र बढ़ने के साथ-साथ बच्चे अपनी माँ के साथ misbehave करने लगते है। जैसे - खाना खाने की प्लेट को फेक देते है या अधिकतर समय सिर्फ junk food की demand करते रहते है। ये सिलसिला चलता ही रहता है। फिर बच्चे के behaviour को पिता से छिपाना पड़ता है।
क्या आपको पता है कि बच्चो में ये habit क्यों develop हो रही है?
इसका मूल कारण है: कुछ माओ को growth pattern की जानकारी न होने की वजह से तथा हर समय अन्य बच्चो से अपने बच्चे की तुलना करने में, जबरदस्ती खाना खिलाने की कोशिश करने से।
आप पर निर्भर करता है कि आप अपने बच्चे को control करना चाहते है या lose...''
It hurts when I Poop... Constipation has lots of consequences besides pain in passing stools.
Children may present with either of these:
1. Recurrent Vomitings
2. Pain in abdomen 
3. Loss of appetite 
4. Abdominal Mass
5. Fecoliths causing intestinal obstruction
6. Bleeding while passing stool
7. Spurious Diarrhea
8. Behavioural issues
9. Soiling - Most disturbing to self esteem.
10. Lots of school problems
So please do not take constipation lightly, else it'll become chronic. A stitch in time saves nine
No more Traffic Jam Please ...
Mainstay of treatment in constipation is Disimpaction.
Use Oral medicine or enema whatever is suggested by your doctor .
Achieve a steady state and continue with oral medicines for few months.
Do not be in hurry to stop the medicines, let habits and intestines improve.
Enema and Glycerine Suppositories are non- addictive.
Medicines prescribed by your child specialist are safe for longer use.Do not worry , don't allow traffic to Jam...
No hurry in washroom please...
School children are lazy in waking up. Often late and struggle to reach in time to School. Sometimes ignore washroom time.
In constipated children, it is wiser to get up early and there should be no hurry in washroom. 
Give these children something to play as even five minutes seem longer if you are not doing any thing.
Early to Bed, Early to rise...
Even in western world, young children sleep around 8 pm.
So next time Wake up Right..
Change the diaper frequently ..
If you are not checking Diapers and changing them frequently, it may remain soiled and soaked for long...This may be the cause for constipation.
Or better to use nappy and diaper need wise.
If child start holding the stool for any reason, it sets on a vicious cycle of pain followed by constipation. If child is big enough to manage himself but still undergoing treatment, it's better to ask him to sit for poop after meals for 5 minutes daily.
Don't be casual during vacation or while travelling, it's important to maintain a routine...
It's better to act otherwise constipation is no fun.
Dengue is scary for me too...
Dengue is a common viral infection spread by Aedes Mosquito.
Mosquito bites occur after Sunrise and before Sunset, very much unlike other mosquito bites causing Malaria.
Virus is of four types, like Den1 .....4 . Infection for one type do not make a person immune to the other type. Even next Den attack is more serious.
Every year I fear , one day I may also have it. Please take all the precautions as there is no abortive treatment beside a strong vigilant supportive care.
It is more devastating at extremes of age i.e. in babies and elderly.
A new epidemic is ready to launch...
It is Diabetes in Children. These days I see lots of children who are overweight.They are showing Signs of Insulin resistance like dark back of neck in comparison to rest of the body. Mothers often mistake it as child not cleaning the neck with soap well.
Friends, this is a pre- diabetic condition. Timely action is must.
Start losing weight 1/2 kg per month to start with...
First cut down on sugar-containing food and beverages. 
Remove these foods from your house, if you are really willing to lose weight.
Be a Role Model to your child ...
Acanthosis nigricans or dirty looking skin behind the neck is linked with Obesity and Diabetes.
Main stay of treatment is weight management.
Often parents don't realise, child is overweight and soon will be Obese. Grandparents usually reject all suggestions and say his father at his age was just like that.
Realisation of problem is the first key to success in our carbohydrates-loving people.
Obesity is rarely because of some disease but is by product of lifestyle and eating pattern.
It's my request from all parents to check discrepancy between height and weight of child. Your realisation regarding weight will prevent many diseases in your child.