Thursday, 28 July 2016

Our whatsapp is full of treatment queries and we get endless calls for treatment on phone. Now even facebook messenger is overflowing with long detailed messages for treatment. 
It is very risky and life threatening to prescribe any medications just on behalf of symptoms.
Allopathy's main strength is a good physical examination, which helps us in excluding serious diseases or confirming diagnosis . Even if we say it seems like viral, it is only after good clinical examination otherwise in children even Malaria or typhoid can mimic viral infection ..there is no season-specific antidote available so far...
Moreover, course of childhood illnesses have become very unpredictable in recent years and some seriousness may be just missed until a repeated examination is carried out by doctor like Jaundice, Dengue fever and even more...
Even a problem as simple as cough could be a subtle sign of an underlying serious chest disease.
All diseases have signals for seriousness which are picked up early only by a doctor. eg telephonicTreatment of Diarrhea can be devastating as you do not know early deterioriation.
Dr. Anuj Rastogi
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Thursday, 21 July 2016

Teens do not think as parents think...
Teens may look like adults but they are not adults. Their brain matures functionally to adult level at around 20 years of age. Parents should not expect from teens, their level of maturity. They are different, parents should understand they are different.
Teens are more prone to accidents, drug addiction and the like... They should not be allowed independent driving and boundaries should be set for their social outings... they should be exposed to Internet ONLY under supervision. It is not about surge of hormone but it is about development of Prefrontal Cortex (part involved in decision making, motivation, organizing & attention).
This is the area which helps us to understand consequences of our act.
Prefrontal cortex develops to adult level at 20 yrs of age.
It does not mean they can not make good decisions but understanding of this differences helps parents to manage them better.

Monday, 18 July 2016

Day to day illnesses in children are mostly viral. Viral infections were always there, even when parents or grand parents were children. Nothing much has changed, parents do not remember their time of illness and get surprised each time when child gets sick. Why so much worry for cough, loose motions or fever? Check up with his Doctor is reassuring. These illnesses usually last for 6 to 7 days. Just keep your child well-hydrated and keep his fever down with medicine or sometimes with sponging. Do not ask for change of medicine, keep patience and follow your doctor... 
Dr Anuj Rastogi 
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Monday, 11 July 2016

We all love our children and we want to be loved by them also. We often bribe them with candies, chips and rice/corn puffs etc. You want your relationship with your kith and kin really useful... Just play with them, run with them... Don't bribe them.
Dr Anuj Rastogi
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Friday, 8 July 2016

Feeding, diet and growth issues are mainstay of parental concern...
Good growth is not possible without good nutrition.
The Tarakids Diet Plan is designed in an innovative way by Dr Anuj Rastogi to ease parenting and make your child's journey of development healthier...

Friday, 1 July 2016

Don't break my heart Daddy..
Recently I admitted a 3 year old girl for headache and vomitings. I was unable to find anything wrong with her. I got her CT Scan head done which was normal. I constantly kept asking for any emotional hurt to the child . Parents were not aware, and as child was becoming more listless, it was making them more upset. I kept enquiring as medicines were
not working on her. Her father tried to recall all events in the past two days and he managed to tell that she had banged her head with her cousin while playing. Then she complained to her father about the small quarrel with her cousin but he didn't listen, in fact scolded her a little. She fell asleep after crying and woke up after sometime with headache and vomitings.
I talked to her and asked her father to give her a cuddle. She improved tremendously and now could be sent home.
My message to all of you, please listen to your kids patiently as you as parents are the only ones in the world they trust. Hold them close to you, explain to them and not just shun them.
Few children are very sensitive (imagine this child is just a 3 year old). Even a little insensitivity can break their heart.
Dr. Anuj Rastogi
Taara Kids