Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Part VII 
Newborn👶speaks Maa Maa 
I do sneeze sometimes, in fact many times in a day but it is not cold Maa🙎..
That is how I clean my nose, you know I can not blow my 👃..
You please do not give me a medicine for cold, rather avoid them...
Yes my nostrils are very small, get easily clogged and I find it difficult to breath through my mouth.
Keep my nose open, use simple saline water... Many times a day.
Two to three 💦 in each nostril just before feed.
You can make saline water by adding quarter spoon of salt in one glass of water...
Maa tere nahaane, khane se kuch naa hone Kaa...
Eat curd, rice and orange... No Worries...
Tu bhi healthy main bhi healthy
DrAnuj Rastogi
Taara Kids 😇

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