Tuesday, 2 August 2016

We in India have almost all facilities but still we do not match developed countries. Main difference lies in planning. One example is Rh disease/incompatibility in newborn, which causes them severe jaundice. If not treated properly it can lead to brain damage, deafness or sometimes death.
Treatment is exchange transfusion or immunoglobulin (a very expensive drug)
Baby comes to nursery with severe jaundice but parents are not even aware of mother's blood group (which is usually Rh negative). Family is not at all prepared for exchange. We often waste precious time in searching compatible Rh negative blood.
We all do similar blood exchange of babies. On the contrary our colleagues from developed countries even do not remember when they did last exchange transfusion.
Please do not ignore guidance of your doctor...

Dr Anuj Rastogi
Taara Kids😇

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