Friday, 14 October 2016

Now it's not difficult to change the behavior of your young child.
Change him with Jazy Taara...
Let's see the plan, how it works ..
1. Show him Jazy Taara' movies for three days.
He will soon be fond of it, in fact addicted to it😀
2. Now read Jazy's comic every night with him .
Last page has message "Why Jazy Taara is a nice boy?"
Now write all the changes you wish to bring in your loved one ..
Ex .. Your child does not eat yellow lentils or daal...
Now read Jazy Taara Accha Baccha kyun hai ?
Add one more line .. Jazy Taara loves yellow lentils.
Repeat this each night and see within 4 to 5 days, he will demand yellow lentil ..
Try this, as there is no medicine which can make your child eat yellow lentil🙌🙌

Tarakids 😇

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