Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Why children in the Western World are healthier...
I wonder about this many a time...Why?
Although we have same vaccines, but still children here are weaker and more susceptible to infections.
I can summarize a few major points..
1. We use unfortified cow's milk vs they use enriched cow's milk (we have lots of cases of poor growth, rickets, heart disease, seizures because of unfortified cow's milk)
2. We use poor quality bottles and depend on unpredictable hot water sterilization Vs they use high quality bottles with predictable sterilizers (remote chances of Diarrhea)
We do not want to accept it as a major reason for these illnesses and are always looking for some magical treatment to make our children healthy. We always calculate the cost of accessories and also discard the idea of enriched cows milk saying it's expensive. We do not learn the cost of illnesses and loss of working days.
I wish I could make my people learn this simple mathematics.. I simply wish..

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