Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Kids are not kids anymore ..
Their sensitivity is changing about themselves...
They are more anxious, more sensitive. One should not be ignorant while talking in front of them.
I was treating a 5 year old in extreme stomach pain for last three days, but there was no improvement with any medicine. Pain was only relieved when the child fell asleep.
He was a good student from well caring and considerate parents .
It became a puzzle for me , I was trying to find out every possibility for his suffering.
There were two important clues:
1. He lost his grand father who had been operated for heart disease following chest pain.
2. Child's ultrasound of just 4 days back which revealed gall bladder stones which child knew.
Family had been discussing about his surgery for Gall bladder before him.
So I sum up, his mind was subconsciously feeling his health situation similar to his grand father's, and was under tremendous fear and stress.
Message is to never ask prognosis for any disease in front of patient be it a small young child ...

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