Tuesday, 22 March 2016

A half Indian and a half Western ...Our Indian culture has been the most scientific, we used to sleep early and wake up early..
We used iron utensils for cooking and an iron knife to chop vegetables and fruits..
We used 'nazaria', Genoa or dasterband. These are growth markers of our body.
But now we've adopted western culture very superficially...
Like increased use of aluminium utensils has led to more iron deficiency anemia (As our legislation does not allow perfection in iron fortification)
It's not that western people are not price conscious (Even a rich person send their children to do petty jobs and earn money to know the value of money) but they have used technology for development be it fortified milk or sterilizer or high chair or Car Seat or toys. No baby's parents are allowed to walk from hospital without accessories.They never think accessories are a waste of money.
Our children learn every bit from our surroundings.
So adopt wisely...

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