Saturday, 26 March 2016

These days there are lots of inquiries for Flu Vaccine , which is unfortunately finished. It is because of unexpected Flu Epidemic ..
Flu Vaccine is available every year in month of June or July for current season...
This time we all should get it in time so no more causality ...
In Fact Vaccines are best gift of Medicine to Us..
Still people doubt on vaccine efficacy and try to avoid by saying Jo Bahut jarury h vaccine lagaa deejiye..
One vaccine after getting ready passes through three phasic trail of 5 year each before to be used in is not easy to make a vaccine.there is huge expenditure in research and making of a Safe Vaccine..
We as developing country do not have adult vaccine programme ..
People especially who are having risk factor like cardiac or liver disease or kidney disease can be easily saved from vaccine preventable disease ..

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