Saturday, 26 March 2016

As soon as child starts sitting , life become enjoyable as we see daily new activity , new fun ...from 6 month to 3 year it is colourful and we enjoy daily new shaitaani ..
But this period has lots of bumps in form of vivid viral infection ranging 40 to 50 in numbers..
These viral infections not only limited to cough , cold but it could be vomittings , vomittings followed by Diarrhea or pain in abdomen , various rashes ( often labelled as khasra by grand Maa)
We give them name as we say Teething or thand lag gayee( even in summer also we say like this)
Dear if your doctor says it looks like Viral he means it will go soon .
There is no Magic Medicine for these viral infections but these are self limiting and will recover in5 to 7 days..
Perhaps these infection modify our immunity to make us strong for coming life...

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