Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Change My Tiffin Mummy...
School tiffin should have food which is healthy as well as should be able to eaten soon, so that child can also play in recess time ...
Otherwise he will avoid eating lunch to spare some time for play.
Are we giving the right food? Is this not heading for junk food ??
At Tara Kids , dietician Ms Anshu conducted survey on 200 children and concluded all children are consuming mainly carbohydrates like 
1 . Paranthas with Vegetable(mainly Potato)
Caloric value 350( 25 gm carb , 4 gm Protein, 20 gm Ghee)
Calories 320 ( 31 gm carb ,3 gm protein,15 gm fat)
3.Vegetable Sandwich (390 cal, 5 gm protein, 30 gm carb plus sauce)
So is it not the beginning for junk ??
Feed your dear child with ONLY Healthy Food.
Please don't ditch nutrition ..

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