Saturday, 26 March 2016

Don't break my heart Daddy..
Recently I admitted a 3 year old girl for headache and vomitings. I was unable to find anything wrong with her. I got her CT Scan head done which was normal. I constantly kept asking for any emotional hurt to the child . Parents were not aware, and as child was becoming more listless, it was making them more upset. I kept enquiring as medicines were
not working on her. Her father tried to recall all events in the past two days and he managed to tell that she had banged her head with her cousin while playing. Then she complained to her father about the small quarrel with her cousin but he didn't listen, in fact scolded her a little. She fell asleep after crying and woke up after sometime with headache and vomitings.
I talked to her and asked her father to give her a cuddle. She improved tremendously and now could be sent home.
My message to all of you, please listen to your kids patiently as you as parents are the only ones in the world they trust. Hold them close to you, explain to them and not just shun them.
Few children are very sensitive (imagine this child is just a 3 year old). Even a little insensitivity can break their heart.

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