Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Monkey and Cough ..
Doctor, my one and half year child is coughing badly since 8 days and sometimes he turns blue, it's frightening .No improvement with injection and nebulizer. 
History - child was eating peanuts, suddenly a monkey came and snatched his bowl. Child started coughing since then.
Doctor I think he is scared .
Examination and X-ray confirmed peanut aspiration. 
Treatment - I did Bronchoscopy under anaesthesia and removed half a piece of peanut from airways and child is fine now .
Message - children less than 3 years of age do not know how to swallow after chewing and even younger even donot know chewing harder food stuff like nuts.
They keep their mouth full with nuts and aspirate it while crying or laughing .
Unfortunately sometimes children even die before they reach the right place .
Winters are peak season for foreign body aspiration.
Please donot subject them for unwanted emergencies ..

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